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Syblon Reid

Construction is more than our job, it's our passion

No matter the project, our team is continually pushing the limits to better serve our communities and shape our future.

We pride ourselves on our ability to evaluate difficult situations or projects and use our resources to develop efficient, environmentally sound, and economical solutions. It is our commitment to embrace the owner's problems as if they were our own. The long-term success of Syblon Reid depends on our reputation and ability to satisfy our clients.

Industrial Plant of Folsom California
Industrial Plant of Folsom California
Industrial Plant of Folsom California
Industrial Plant of Folsom California
Industrial Plant of Folsom California
Industrial Plant of Folsom California
Industrial Plant of Folsom California
Industrial Plant of Folsom California
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Providing solutions to difficult projects

Our reputation means more to us than profit

We forge lifelong relationships with our clients. Our existence and the success of our company are founded on commitment. As an ESOP, employees share in the growth and prosperity of the company; the result is long careers dedicated to the principles of Syblon Reid, quality, and the understanding that our future is secured through our past performance.

We accomplish
this by:

Syblon Reid goes the extra mile to provide exceptional service and exceed expectations, delivering innovative solutions and unparalleled craftsmanship that surpasses industry standards.

Syblon Reid builds relationships rooted in trust and integrity through open communication, transparent practices, and consistently delivering exceptional construction services.

Syblon Reid cultivates a professional and family environment for its employees by fostering a supportive culture, promoting work-life balance, and nurturing personal and professional growth.

We conduct our business with five priorities in mind:

Health & Safety
Workforce Excellence
Customer service

Sustainable Ethical

Health & Safety Trustworthy

Reliable. trustworthy. experienced.

We are more than just a contractor, we are your trusted partner.

We believe our future is secured through our past performance. That's why "Providing Solutions to Difficult Projects" is the foundation of Syblon Reid's culture. Learn more about us through our history and hearing testimonials from our clients.

Our History
Syblon Reid History

Our history

Syblon Reid was born In 1955, when Ray Syblon and John Reid decided to unite their passions and follow their dreams of building a construction company that delivers beyond client expectations.

Syblon Reid Testimonials


When our clients feel valued and cared for, and see that we have their best interest at heart, it empowers our team to do our best work; and that benefits both our clients and community. Read our testimonials to learn more about our clients' experiences working with Syblon Reid.

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Join our team

As an employee-owned ESOP com­pa­ny, Syblon Reid offers the oppor­tu­ni­ty for employ­ees to direct­ly con­tribute and share in the growth and suc­cess of the com­pa­ny through their efforts. With an own­er cul­ture and rela­tion­ship-based val­ues, we look for tal­ent­ed peo­ple who treat each client and project as if it were their own.