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Syblon Reid understands and strives to exceed our clients’ expectations, beyond specified requirements. We hold ourselves accountable for project performance on all levels; workplace excellence, quality, customer service, and especially safety. We also hold our subcontractors accountable to meeting these same high standards. Syblon Reid’s relationship with a subcontractor begins only after they have been prescreened to ensure they have an exemplary safety record and share our commitment to excellence.

Syblon Reid Subcontractors
Syblon Reid Subcontractors

Equal opportunity employer

Syblon Reid is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage bids from minority, women, and service disabled veteran-owned business enterprises (MWDVBE) and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender-owned business enterprises (LGBTBE).

For more information on our Supplier Diversity Program, click here.

Bid schedule
Syblon Reid Bid schedule

Bid schedule

To inquire about our current bid schedule, please contact us or visit our office at:

Syblon Reid

1130 Sibley Street
Folsom, CA 95630-3223


Bid opportunities disclaimer

The bid information provided through this website is complementary and intended solely as notification of available bid opportunities. However, such information is updated on a regular basis and subject to potential inadvertent technical inaccuracies and/or typographical errors while inputting. While Syblon Reid has made every reasonable effort to ensure the information provided on this website is correct, no guarantees for its accuracy are made. It is the subcontractor's responsibility to verify the accuracy and completeness and agrees that all use of this information is at the user's own risk.

In the event of discrepancies between the Owner's bid documents and the information provided through this website, the Owner's bid documents shall prevail. Syblon Reid will not be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damages, costs, or losses incurred in connection with the use of, or reliance on, any content available on or through this website.

Syblon Reid requires subcontractors to sign our Standard Subcontract Agreement, which includes the right for Syblon Reid to require subcontractors to furnish a faithful performance and labor bond, in a form and from a surety acceptable to Syblon Reid, in the amount of 100% of the Subcontract price. Subcontractors will be required to comply with all subcontract insurance requirements, which includes providing a waiver of subrogation endorsement to their workers compensation insurance. A PDF of Syblon Reid's Standard Subcontract Agreement can be downloaded using the link below.

Syblon Reid reserves the right to reject any subcontractor or supplier bids.