Marine Work

We regularly work over,
on, and under water

We specialize in projects that require access via
watercraft or involve in-water construction.

Our marine capabilities include performing dredging – both from the shore and off of barges, modifications and repairs to dam facilities, canal repairs, log boom installations, dive supported work, etc.  We frequently work on projects that require the site to be dewatered through the installation of complex water control/bypass systems that comprise cofferdams, temporary diversion structures, gravity-fed bypass piping, and pumps for dewatering and leakage control.  Many of our projects pose unique challenges such as remote locations, difficult access, emergency response, and altitude diving at over 8,500 feet above sea level.

Marine Work
Marine Work
Marine Work

Innovation and environmental sensitivity

To support on-water operations, we utilize a technically advanced, innovative, custom-built, high efficiency electric marine vehicle (HEEMV) as a work boat to transport materials, push barge-mounted equipment, and support dive operations; thereby eliminating fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and reducing ventilation requirements for marine tunnel work.

While performing in-water work, we employ a number of environmental control measures to ensure compliance with resource and regulatory agency permit conditions. This cultural commitment has allowed Syblon Reid to operate without having ever been issued a Notice of Violation.

Marine Work

  • Dredging
  • Barge-mounted equipment operations
  • Vessel exclusion barriers
  • Emission-free tunnel entry using a high efficiency electric marine vehicle
  • EchoBoat-240 autonomous bathymetric surveys with integrated equipment controls
  • Dive supported work
  • Canal lining and embankment repairs
  • Modifications/repairs to dams, spillways, low-level outlets, and crest gates
  • Log/debris booms
  • Emergency response services