Our History

Pushing the limits since 1955

The passion of construction runs through our veins

The founders of Syblon Reid established an ideology of providing innovative solutions for the safe performance of high quality, high-hazard, high-risk work at the best value to the client.

Syblon Reid History
Syblon Reid History

Our history

Since our inception, Syblon Reid has continuously evolved and expanded by prioritizing trust and safety and creating exceptional outcomes. Take a look at our history timeline.

Our history
'Fifty Five 'Fifty Five
Syblon Reid History


Backed by $10,000 from John Reid and a bulldozer from Ray Syblon, Syblon Reid Contractors came to life.

'Sixties 'Sixties
Syblon Reid History


In 1961, Syblon Reid's corporate yard and headquarters were located in Warden, Washington. Over the next several years, Syblon Reid performed its share of challenging projects, the majority of which were water projects scattered throughout the western states for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. The decade was highlighted by Syblon Reid's receipt of a prestigious Construction Safety Award for the Granby Dam Spillway Modifications project in Granby, Colorado.

'Seventies 'Seventies
Syblon Reid History


In 1970, Syblon Reid relocated to Folsom, California to construct the first mile of the Folsom South Canal at Nimbus Dam for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. In 1974, Syblon Reid purchased a parcel of land in Folsom and built their current headquarters. In 1978 John Reid's son, Don, became Vice President and further expanded the business with dam, levee, and canal construction.

'Eighties 'Eighties
Syblon Reid History


Through the 1980s, Syblon Reid completed work on an increasingly wider range of projects - including pumping plants, water and wastewater treatment plants, power plants, bridge work, and more - for a variety of clients in the public and private sectors. In 1984, Syblon Reid expanded its headquarters with the completion of a shop and warehouse facility.

'Nineties 'Nineties
Syblon Reid History


In 1990, Don Reid became president of Syblon Reid and continued to broaden the company's services with design-build delivery, difficult site work and subdivisions, sewer and water facilities construction, environmental enhancements, power and energy infrastructure, underground pipeline construction, and tunnel work. Syblon Reid created hundreds of acres of various types of wetlands - more than any other contractor in the region.

'Two Thousands
Syblon Reid History


In 2005, Don Reid stepped down, leaving a vibrant, growing organization committed to project excellence, on-time delivery of construction services at an affordable price, and as always a full-time commitment to meeting the client’s needs. In 2007, Syblon Reid recognized the efforts of its employees in making the company a success by offering them participation in the newly established Employee Stock Ownership Plan and Trust or "ESOP."

'Twenty Ten
Syblon Reid History


In the 2010s, Syblon Reid began to diversify its services by performing hydro generation and water conveyance projects for public utilities, as well as significant emergency response projects such the Thermalito Powerhouse Fire Damage Recovery in 2012 and Oroville Dam Spillway Emergency Response in 2017.

'Twenty Twenties
Syblon Reid History


The start of the 2020s has been hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, continued wildfires throughout California, and flooding and landslides from above average precipitation. Fortunately, through Syblon Reid's long standing partnerships with its clients, we remained prosperous during such a trying time. Our ready access to necessary resources and ability to quickly ramp up our workforce has afforded us many opportunities to respond to our clients' emergent needs.

Syblon Reid History


Today, Syblon Reid is an award winning, relationship-based company that partners with our clients to build trust and foster a collaborative environment. With a seasoned management team and supervisory staff and a highly skilled, well-trained workforce, we are your “go to” low cost provider of non-recurring, high-hazard, high-risk work. We are now a 100% fully-owned ESOP; each employee is also an owner who shares the same company values.