Hydro-Generation / Water Conveyance

Leviathan Mine Acid Mine Drainage Remediation



Continuous remediation at a Superfund site

Syblon Reid was initially contracted to construct a new acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment plant. The goal of the project was to contain and treat any mine water seepage through the implementation of the AMD plant. The plant construction included raw water conveyance, construction of a high-density sludge (HDS) treatment plant, electrical controls, instrumentation for the HDS plant, and construction of a conveyance system to deliver fuel for a diesel generator. Since the initial mobilization, Syblon Reid has continued to maintain an annual presence to perform all operational maintenance requirements for the owner. Syblon Reid has also supported the development and acceptance of the final remediation solution.

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    Alpine County, CA

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    Emergency Response

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    Environmental Remediation

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Facts & Figures

90,000 +

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