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Syblon Reid Testimonials

I really appreciate the work you guys did, and I am pleased with the finished project. There are always obstacles on these types of projects, and I really appreciate your hard work and dedication to getting this project completed. I will certainly not hesitate to reach out to you, and the entire Syblon Reid team, in the future for work that the Agency needs done. You all were great to work with, and I look forward to it again!

Jeffery M. Barich, P.E.

Senior Water Resources Engineer - Solano County Water Agency

Hey! Syblon Reid!! On time! Under Budget! Great to work with! Honest! What’s not to like! Thank you all so much for the wonderful work you did for me.

Lawrence J. Bass, M.D.

Homeowner - Friedman and Bass Revetment Replacement Project

The very cold and wet weather was a great challenge to the earthwork and shotcrete installation. Syblon Reid implemented special measures and completed ahead of schedule, allowing DWR to resume deliveries. Syblon Reid has performed many major projects for DWR in the past 10 years with outstanding and timely completion. Syblon Reid has always finished the work within the water outage time constraints.

Jim Peddy

Project Manager - California Department of Water Resources

Syblon Reid was very responsive to the operational needs of the client during construction. The Stanislaus Project was able to remain operational during construction of the Stanislaus Power Tunnel Fish Screen Project and there were no license violations during construction. Syblon Reid performed their work with a very high degree of environmental awareness and were very quick to address any environmental concerns that occurred during the project period. Excellent company to work with and always open to new ideas and work methods. Their employees care about the work and are very client focused. Safety was the highest priority and they always went out of their way to ensure safety was at the forefront of all work.

Scott Fee

Generation Supervisor (Retired) - Pacific Gas and Electric Company

I have worked with Syblon Reid on several projects and they are a contractor committed to completing the work with high quality, on schedule, and to the owner's satisfaction. A past example was the North Fork Screens and Ladders phase of the Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project. This work involved significant work in and around Battle Creek and the environmental requirements were quite strict. Nonetheless, Syblon Reid completed the work ahead of schedule with higher than average quality.

Richard Welsh, PE

Principal Deputy Regional Director - U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Syblon Reid is known throughout the Department of Water Resources as a “can-do” contractor; always ready to tackle the most complex construction projects, with a focus on safety, innovation, and effectiveness.

Jeanne M. Kuttel

Manager - Division of Engineering - California Department of Water Resources

95 percent of the original contract scope of work was performed within a time-sensitive aqueduct outage. Syblon Reid (SRC) reacted quickly and appropriately to issues during construction and provided the resources necessary to complete the work within the specified outage time. SRC brought forward innovative construction techniques (that) saved time and costs and produced quality work. After the original contract work was completed, the Department called upon SRC to complete a number of emergency pipeline repairs from minor two-day leak repairs to the current pipeline failure and landslide repair. SRC has been very responsive to these emergencies in environmentally and socially sensitive areas.

Brian DePuy

Chief - California Department of Water Resources

...Due to the steepness of the area, access and slope stability during trenching and pipe installation with restricted construction hours were among the problems. A majority of the work hours were non-daylight hours. SRC put together an impressive crew and used various sizes of excavators, dozers, and trench boxes with well-coordinated excavation, pipe laying, and joint welding activities ...Concern of pipe flotation during concrete encasement was another problem. With close collaboration between the owner's field team, Syblon Reid came up with an innovative method consisting of a pre-cast reinforced slab and hold-down system in conjunction with double mat reinforcement and diagonal bars with required overlap splices and to be performed in two stage concrete placements...This operation demonstrated Syblon Reid's ability to orchestrate complicated tasks in a very efficient manner that pleased not only DWR but also the occupant of the land, Wente Winery/Resort/Golf Course.

Rey Ballesteros

Chief of Inspection - California Department of Water Resources

Syblon Reid is a top-notch contractor with a very talented and capable team. They were great to work with and have much to be proud of with the work they performed at Poe Dam. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with them again.

Casey Nickols

Engineer of Record - HDR Engineering

I would like to take this opportunity to write to you about the wonderful team that Syblon Reid (SRC) sent to construct our Pacific Tunnel project. The SRC team, led by Ryan Fox and Brian Luce, were very professional and their conduct and prompt communication exemplified outstanding construction knowledge and skills. Through the entire project, Ryan and Brian kept me informed of the project status, and any issues associated with it. I especially appreciated how they kept the work site clean and maintained the SWPPP BMPs. It was great to have a project that was contentious of the forest environment and maintaining a clean work site. Their efforts and dedication ensured the project completed on budget and ahead of schedule. Your team had the foresight to anticipate problems such that solutions could be developed in advance of the construction element. An example of this was working with the designer when certain rebar sizes were unavailable. Please express our gratitude to all the team members on a job well done.

Cary Mutschler, P.E., PMP

Senior Civil Engineer - El Dorado Irrigation District

[Syblon Reid] is the most responsive, customer service-oriented, safety-conscious, and quality contractor I have worked with.

Patrick Whitlock, P.E.

Field Division Chief - California Department of Water Resources

There were some dimensional issues between the as-built conditions and design dimensions resulting in the gates (wheel) not sealing. Syblon Reid was exceptionally responsive in resolving all issues and corrected the situation onsite.

Patrick Whitlock, P.E.

Field Division Chief - California Department of Water Resources