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Eagle Canyon Fish Passage Improvements



Improving fish passage through boulder removal

The objective of the project was to remove boulders and reconfigure the channel using existing boulders to improve fish passage conditions. Syblon Reid developed a crane pad for a 300-ton crane to stage above the canyon, performed vegetation removal, and installed temporary facilities for water diversion and dewatering purposes. Once prepared, Syblon Reid personnel entered the creek channel and began removal of boulders and reconstruction of the channel. The largest existing boulders were tens of feet in diameter and needed to be fragmented – using approved methods – to move them. The Fish Passage Engineer worked closely with Syblon Reid to determine which boulders should be used for reconstruction. A selection of the existing boulders or boulder fragments were then used to reconstruct the channel according to the Fish Passage Engineer’s plans. The final result was a natural appearing creek channel that provided full passage to fish.

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Facts & Figures

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boulders lifted out of Eagle Canyon

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