Hydro-Generation / Water Conveyance

Folsom South Canal Emergency Repair



Mitigating the impact of heavy rainfall

In December of 2022, the Folsom South Canal (FSC) received historic rainfalls. The rain impacted portions of the FSC embankment, culminating in several slope failures due to oversaturation of the soil. This project was focused on reconstructing the slopes with improved rock slope protection to ensure the canal could return to an operationally safe condition. Syblon Reid removed and disposed of the failed embankment spoils and debris, excavated to competent subgrade, developed a borrow site for processing fill material, constructed an access road, and repaired and armored the slope failure with rock slope protection.

  • Location

    Herald, California

  • Market

    Hydro-Generation / Water Conveyance

  • Services

    Emergency Response

    Heavy Civil Mechanical

Facts & figures

Facts & Figures

2,750 +

cubic yards of soil imported

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